Many people in Australia face uncertainty as the coronavirus situation further develops. Financial counsellors are available to assist with practical information and advocacy.

Throughout this period, our focus will remain on delivering our services for our communities and helping clients maintain financial resilience and wellbeing.

Not all banks, lenders and creditors will have a COVID-19 specific relief package prepared. However, they still have standard policies in place to help those who are facing financial hardship for any reason.

While you can directly make financial hardship requests to your creditors, a financial counsellor can help you prepare for the conversation or suggest alternative solutions based on your individual circumstances. If you are facing difficulties, please get in contact with one of our financial counsellors who will be able to provide information, advice and support through this unusual and uncertain time.

FCN Self Help Resources:

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The National Debt Helpline have produced ‘COVID-19 Financial Survival Guide‘ to help you and your family.

Further support information can also be found on the Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia website.

Moneysmart also have information on making financial decisions.

Have money concerns? Think Mental Health WA have some tips for you here.