Energy Saving Tips for Cooking

  1. Clean your range hood or exhaust fan. Removing grease from the vents will keep your range hood running efficiently.
  2. Don’t let the heat escape through your oven seal. Check your oven seal is in good condition and replace if needed.
  3. Resist the urge to check the roast. Opening the oven door while cooking lowers the oven temperature and uses more energy to heat it back up.
  4. Where possible use the microwave. Microwaves use a lot less energy than ovens, so use it when you can.
  5. Switch your microwave off at the wall. When your microwave is on standby, it’s just an expensive clock. Only switch it on when you need it.
  6. Choose the right pots and pans. Use pots and pans with tight fitting lids and flat bases that cover the entire hotplate to minimise energy loss.

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