Energy Saving Tips for Lights

  1. Don’t light empty rooms. Your furniture is not afraid of the dark, so try and remember to turn lights off if you’re the last to leave the room.
  2. Replace standard globes with energy saving fluorescent globes and replace halogen down lamps with LED bulbs.
  3. Use energy saving light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are not as common anymore, but if you’ve got some, swap them for LED ones.
  4. Don’t light the whole room. If it’s just you in the room, use a lamp instead of lighting the whole room.
  5. Light your path with solar. Solar lights look great and they’re easy to install.
  6. Use motion sensor lights outdoors. With sensor lights, you won’t have to worry about leaving outdoor lights on.
  7. Light your work space not the entire room. Using a lamp to light just your workspace is energy efficient and can help you concentrate.
  8. Don’t forget your shed light. Make sure you switch off your shed or garage light when you’re finished.

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