Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is the provision of free, independent and confidential information, advice, advocacy and referral to individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties.

Financial counsellors are qualified professionals with extensive knowledge on consumer credit law, debt enforcement practices, bankruptcy, industry hardship policies and government concession frameworks.

Financial counsellors work with people when they are experiencing financial stress by developing strategies to manage short and longer term financial difficulties, and ensure they are referred to other services if they need further support.

To know more about the impact our financial counsellors made in 2019, click here. Read Anna’s client journey and Ian’s client journey to understand how a financial counsellor can help.

See the FCN brochure here.

Money Planning

We help people develop personal budgets to assist with setting and prioritising financial goals.

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Debt Negotiation

We work with people and their creditors to negotiate sustainable payment plans and hardship arrangements to manage debt.

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To achieve the best possible outcomes for people, we may be able to advocate on their behalf on an extensive range of issues related to their financial situation.

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Utilities Support

We provide advocacy to achieve manageable payment plans. Where there are issues with utility providers we can work with people to lodge a dispute.

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Information and Referrals

Information about and referrals to other support services and resources may be provided.

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Please note that financial counsellors do not provide legal advice.

If you need legal advice on consumer credit issues please contact Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) Inc. (CCLSWA) on 9221 7066.

Small Business Financial Counselling

Small business financial counselling is a specialist financial counselling service helping businesses who are experiencing financial difficulty with:

  • Debt negotiation and advocacy with creditors such as banks or financial companies
  • Accessing dispute resolution services
  • Providing information about insolvency
  • Help understanding business and financial records
  • Budgets and money plans
  • Understanding their rights and accessing legal help
  • Applicable grants and concessions
  • Understanding the points where business and personal assets can become intertwined and its implications.

For appointments please contact our small business financial counsellors:

Success – provided by City of Cockburn 08 9411 3444
Mandurah – provided by FinUCare 08 9581 1281
Joondalup – provided by Anglicare WA 1300 114 446.

Flexible appointment options are available including; face to face, over the phone, video/Skype, Zoom or WebEx.

The service cannot offer legal advice, corporate insolvency advice, investment advice, complex business advice or interpersonal disputes between business parties.

See the FCN Small Business brochure here.