Financial Coaching

Western Australia has the highest proportion of borrowers at-risk of defaulting. (Digital Finance Analytics, 2020) 

Nearly 3 in 5 Australians are worried about their financial situation and almost 85% say financial stress negatively impacts their wellbeing. (Mortgage Choice Financial Fitness Whitepaper, 2019) 

The Financial Counselling Network’s financial coaching model is designed to meet the broad and various financial needs of all people within our communities.  The innovative model forms a flexible platform that underpins our bespoke service delivery, with the aim of improving financial wellbeing and resilience of all participants.   

Looking at the big picture is what makes us stand out from the rest. Whilst most coaching programs have a predominant and necessary focus on financial literacy, we take it a step further with a holistic six-point plan that ensures clients are fully supported to maintain financial stability and improve longer term financial outcomes.  

We offer our partners a unique ability to co-design the service to ensure that it is suitably tailored to the needs of customers, clients, patients, members, and staff. 

Who Are We? 

Our team of design staff and coaches are all professionally qualified, trained, and experienced. 

The Financial Counselling Network provides services under a not-for-profit framework and is supported by network members.

Community Coaching

In September 2022, the FCN launched the Community Coaching Pilot funded by the Department of Communities. Community coaches support and guide people to develop positive behaviours to achieve their financial goals with the aim of building long term financial wellbeing and resilience.

Financial coaching could be for you, if you live in Western Australia and if you want to:

  • Be supported by a dedicated financial coach
  • Explore your money story
  • Strengthen and develop how you work with money
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Work towards securing a strong financial future

Complete the Money Mindset Quiz to discover your money management style and check eligibility for community coaching.

We know it works!   

In 2021 the Financial Counselling Network completed a six-month financial coaching pilot in partnership with Keystart. Keystart, an initiative of the government of WA, is a dedicated home loan lender offering lower entry costs to help people achieve the dream of home ownership.  

Working with Keystart, customers and co-design experts, we developed a customer directed service, specifically customised to help participants financially thrive throughout their home loan journey and beyond.  

The outcomes speak for themselves. With a 95% net promoter score, and a 100% rating score across every session, 100% of our clients achieved a positive rise in their financial wellbeing and financial satisfaction ratings.  

See the Financial Coaching pilot Impact Statement here.

“Prevention is better than a cure”, Spot Talk presented at the Financial Counselling Australia Conference in May 2021 available here.

Here’s what our clients say about us

‘For the first time I feel confident managing my money. Not scared or out of control anymore’ 

‘This saved our marriage, it got us on the same page and talking about things. I realising we do not look at things the same, but it is about talking it through and finding an agreement… We now have a budget and financial goals’

‘Life so much easier now we have these goals … Feel lighter and overwhelmed in a really good way, confident. Along your journey you meet people who have made an impact and you are one of them.’ 

 ‘The financial coaching sessions I had are exactly what everyone needs to go through. Especially young families like myself who wants to know how to better manage our money and set goals but don’t know how to start.’

See Katherine’s story here.

We would love to partner with you

To start the discussion around how we can tailor a program to meet your unique needs contact us at   

Help us to help you!   

Please note that we currently do not offer our financial coaching services to individual clients outside of our partnership organisations. 

If financial coaching is something you are personally interested in, we encourage you to mention our partnership potential with your employer or associated organisation to raise awareness of our offer.   

In the meantime, watch this space…